Questions of Royalty: FAQs

If you have a question about the Royal Family or my interest, please email me at or leave a comment on the blog!

Q: Did you actually go to the Royal Wedding?
A: Yes, I flew to London on April 27 with the specific intent of standing in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people to see Catherine Middleton and Prince William (and the rest of the Royal Family and guests) process on the way to and from the April 29 wedding at Westminster Abbey.

Q: But did you actually go to the WEDDING??
A: I was not  invited to the wedding or any of the peripheral events.

Q: Bummer.
A: Not really; it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I managed to get a front row seat (thanks to sleeping overnight by the railings, along with a sea of other people) and saw everyone on wedding day. I will never live it down.

Q: How long have you been obsessed with the Royal Family?
A: I think I was born this way. Shying away from the moniker “obsessed,” I like to think of my interest as a hobby, similar to my passion for writing.

Q: Are you only interested in the current House of Windsor?
A: No. I memorized the Kings and Queens of England starting with William I (the Conqueror) when I was eight years old. I was initially captivated by the Tudors (I still have all of my paper dolls) and, as I grew older, continued a self-education of the history of the British Monarchy. I will say that, right now, I’m on a genealogical kick, trying to chart the family tree of the current royal family.

Q: I have a magazine with William/Kate/The Queen/Prince Charles/etc on the cover. Do you want it?
A: YES! I will excitedly and gratefully take any royal paraphernalia, including magazines, dishes, replica rings, and books off your hands. Donations are gladly accepted or, if you’d rather come out even, I’ll buy nearly anything from you. Email me ( if you have questions!


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