She’s BACK!

I really only have one (slightly nonsensical) word, after seeing this photo:

Courtesy Hello! Online

Courtesy Hello! Online


This is nothing short of amazing; pregnant or not, she’s mixing up her quotidian style, color, and especially–let’s all thank heaven–her shoes! She looks spectacular, and I know I say that frequently, but it’s often in the spirit of “I love her and think she looks great regardless of what she’s wearing.” In this case–DAYUM!


Her Royal Highness had two events today, first greeting the President of Singapore and then this event, an awards ceremony at the Natural History Museum. It is so nice to see her back in action, although I’m sure she still needs more time to recover from the hypermesis gravidarum that kept her house-bound (well, Palace-bound) all summer.

Although you didn’t ask, of course I am bothered by everyone talking about her “tiny” baby bump–IT’S NOT THERE, PEOPLE, SHE’S NOT EVEN FAR ALONG ENOUGH TO SEE A BABY BUMP, SO BACK OFF.

In other news, The Duke of Cambridge revealed that Prince George’s sibling is due in April of 2015. Hopefully we’ll see more of TRH in between now and then. Here’s hoping the Duchess continues to feel better–and kicks ass doing just that!


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