Royal Baby Fever: Part II: The Personal Thoughts

The events of the past 36 hours prove that my telepathic connection to The Duchess of Cambridge is tenuous, at best. To be honest, I’m startled that Their Royal Highnesses are having another baby so soon after George–I wanted them to wait a few years and spoil that kid! Rumors immediately started that the reason this pregnancy so closely follows Prince George is because the Royal couple want three children. You know how I love them, so it pains me to say: Heaven forbid! 

Of course I feel bad for the poor Duchess; to be so sick with the eyes of the world trained on you must be miserable. Who knows, I might even get sympathy nausea! 

A couple of lovely screen shots from yesterday:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.03.24 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.04.11 PM

Both Prince Harry and Prince Charles have been out and about spreading good cheer about the impending birth; I do think they are a close family (especially in Charles’ older age) so everyone must be excited. Apparently yesterday’s announcement came only 48 hours after The Cambridges told their families and The Queen, so we won’t be seeing Cambridge Baby #2 until at least April/May of next year.

And finally: It had better be a girl this time! Bookies already have 10/1 odds on the name Elizabeth (if it’s a girl), but I think 1. two kids named after their great-great-grandparents (King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) is strange even for the Royal Family and 2. Elizabeth invokes The Queen and since this “spare” will likely not inherit the throne, I don’t think they’d want those associations when George is already being primed as King George VII.

My friend Jackie and I are both hoping for a gay girl, but if wishes grew on trees I’d also be shelving 19th century manuscripts in the Windsor Castle archival library right now, so I’ll have to let this slide until the baby is at least born.  


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