Cambridge Photos Du Jour

I’m staying away from the computer for about 24 hours, but until I return:



Guys, I went to the LK Bennett website last night and I could have bought this dress–a dress far outside my price range–but it was sold out. Luckily, I think, for my savings. But isn’t it beautiful???? What I love about this dress is that I–who am much shorter and far more stocky than our delightful Duchess–could probably wear it, if it came in the right size! And it was in stock. And I had that much money. So, I’m zero for three right now but at least I entertained the thought??



Then they went to a rugby game (impromptu, casual) and I also want what she’s wearing there–I bet it’s the Gap, although it hasn’t been confirmed. Tomorrow will be Easter celebrations and I wonder if the Duchess will wear a repeat outfit to keep the focus on the service… we’ll see!


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