Puppies + Prince = Cute Overload

Whenever I fall behind in my Royal reporting, I look at that day’s event to see if there’s something singular I should showcase first. There usually is, but I doubt there’s been something this amazing in a long time:

Puppy and Prince

Courtesy Hello! Online

They are holding GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES WHO WILL GROW UP TO BE POLICE DOGS AND SAVE LIVES (I mean, I would imagine, right?)!!!!!!! This seriously should be an entry at that Cute Overload website or something.

As a side note, this visit to the Royal New Zealand Police College in Wellington is the last event in New Zealand–tomorrow it’s off to Australia for the Royal couple plus Gorgeous George.


2 responses to “Puppies + Prince = Cute Overload

  1. Awwww!!! So cute! Now if they were holding kittens, it’d be even better (yeah, I’m a cat person). But still, super cute!

    • Melinda, I’m becoming more of a dog person (which surprises ME most of all), but I agree–kittens would be even cuter!!!!

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