Cambridge Tour Down Under: The First Week

As usual, these kids are giving me fatigue, and I didn’t even spend 24 hours traveling in the past week! Right now they are having a yacht race–I kid you not–and the Duchess looks so cute when she’s sporty!


Yesterday held a wreath-laying ceremony at a war memorial, as well as a tour of an aircraft museum.


Last night there was a state dinner at which William gave a speech and the Royal couple unveiled a new portrait of Her Majesty The Queen in honor of the Diamond Jubilee.


What a magnificent image! I prefer Her Majesty’s younger portrait, but this setup is imposing, with The Queen looking over her grandchild and his wife.

I think this is my favorite dress of the tour so far–and we’re only on day five!! It’s Jenny Packham and divine. The glittering fern leaf embroidered on the shoulder is a beautiful tribute to the Duchess’s host country without looking costume-y. Here’s a better view, especially of the slim belt around the waist.


The much-publicized first full day of the tour also held Prince George’s first official event.


Courtesy the Internet

He seemed to enjoy it. Mmmm fiber! According to reports he made another little girl cry, which is definitely par for the course–can you imagine growing up and every time you meet someone new they’ll say, “Remember that time when you were eight months old and you made a little girl cry by taking her doll?” Poor George.


Courtesy Good Morning America Online

They all look like they’re well rested and having fun. It’s also just been announced that the Duchess won the yacht race against her husband–you go, girl! On that note, I’m off to bed. There are more events this evening, as far as I’m aware, so I’ll see if I can squeeze in an update tomorrow.


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