The Cambridges Land in New Zealand!

Well, that was fast! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Wellington, New Zealand to start their tour of NZ and Australia. George looks like a good traveler.


You know me, I love 99.991% of everything the Duchess wears, but I think this red outfit with the buttons is a bit too costume-y (although I’ve liked her in military style before). The dress is by Catherine Walker–HRH has worn Walker before, but I don’t think it’s coincidence to wear it here to Australia, which is seeing its grandest Royal tour since The Prince and Princess of Wales visited in 1983 with a nine-month-old Prince William. The tour clearly conjures memories of William’s mother and, given that Catherine Walker was one of her favorite designers, I think it’s another subtle salute to the missing maternal grandmother in little George’s life.

The Duchess is wearing a brooch on loan from The Queen, which you can see better here:


Courtesy the Internet

It is a New Zealand fern, one of the country’s primary emblems, given to The Queen on her coronation tour in 1953. You can read more about the brooch here. I’m better at the history than the jewels, but this is one I actually knew on sight!

There will be a traditional Maori welcome ceremony later today, followed by some recuperation time on Tuesday (Monday US time). It’s the first hour of the tour and I’m already tired! Good luck to the Cambridges and little George, here’s hoping they get some sleep tonight!

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.31.57 PM


3 responses to “The Cambridges Land in New Zealand!

  1. Awww, cute pics. It’s really been 8 months??

    • Melinda, I know! How did he get so big so fast? How did I just spend the last eight months of my life, to boot??? I hope you’re well!! Thanks for reading!

      • I have this weird time disconnect anyway; it always seems like something that I think happened just the other day was actually months ago. 🙂 Still, 8 months??

        Life is good, thanks! I hope you’re doing great, too!

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