Happy 32nd Birthday to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge!

Today is a bleak day in Portland, Oregon–literally, given the pouring rain, and figuratively, given my first major screw up at my job (though it’s been about nine months, so I was “due,” if you will); however, all of this is improved by the fact that it is The Duchess of Cambridge’s 32nd birthday! It is her third birthday as a member of the Royal Family and her first as a new mother–perhaps little Prince George Alexander Louis will get her some half-price Royal Baby memorabilia?? (Thank you to Catherine for the link!) I know I’d still pay good money for a baby blue tankard! 

Our favorite Royal couple has been relatively low-key during the holidays, although Prince William did start an agricultural graduate course at Cambridge University, St. John’s College, this week. Deluded undergrads and graduates alike are still hoping for a chance with our future King, if you believe spurious stories from trashy news outlets. The Telegraph has him hopping a train from Cambridge straight back to London this evening, presumably so he could spend time with the birthday Duchess. 

There have been several retrospectives about the Duchess circling the Interwebs today–but my favorite is this collection of GIFs posted by a Facebook friend. Go on, look at them all, you won’t regret it. In fact, I feel lighter just looking at HRH’s ebullient smile! Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a different blog where I post old journal entries (some of which have mistakenly been posted here!). While exploring a journal from the early 2000s, I found this “Grand Avenue” comic taped inside: 


This is from May of 2001–nearly thirteen years ago! While I do not appreciate the ridicule of Camilla, this was a plot thread I followed closely, since Gabby even wrote Buckingham Palace (like I did) to ask for a lock of Prince William’s hair (unlike me). Oh, memories!



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