Another Visit From a Royal Fairy Godmother

(Note: Apologies to those who saw a unique post in the form of a decade-old journal entry here last night–I accidentally posted it to the wrong blog!)

It’s a well-established fact that I have amazing friends who support my indefatigable adoration of the British Royal Family. Catherine, a true Brit from Yorkshire, is one of those amazing friends. She was the one who sent me a package of beautiful British magazines when it was announced that The Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant last December. Now she’s gone above and beyond, sending enough magazines to make my head spin with happiness. Regardez!:


Chocolate and t-shirts and babies, oh my! Catherine even included a Hello! from the christening, which was very thoughtful, and one I almost bought myself! The larger chocolate bar is “cola-pretzel-honeycomb” and I know they talk about all these darn American chemicals that are banned from food in the EU, but holy cow this Cadbury chocolate is like a drug! I’m surprised it’s legal over there! Spoiler alert: It’s almost gone, as are the two Cadbury milk chocolate fudge sticks.

The magazines–or “glossies,” given the iridescent ink that comes off on your fingers–are full of wonderful photos, and I spent at least an hour looking through them last night and have barely scratched the surface of their contents.


This Hello! came out the day after the Cambridges left the hospital, which, as I’m sure you remember, was before our delightful little prince was given a name; ergo, “Baby Cambridge” it is! And then, much like during the wedding, there were the custom ads that brought a smile to my face:


I don’t even know what a “baby specialist” is, but this is adorable.


And here is an ingenious way to connect the Royal Baby to laundry detergent, which is creative. But not as creative as…


Putting your hands together (with Baylis & Harding lotion, of course) for the future monarch!

It’s hard to pick favorites out of the magazines, but when I first saw the below edition of The Sun (a famous British tabloid), I wanted it, desperately–apparently Catherine heard my pleas!


It was the pun heard around the world! Now, about that t-shirt…


It fits! And I love it. I will probably end up wearing this one and buying another to add to my collection of memorabilia.

Thank you, Catherine, you are indeed my Royal fairy godmother!


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