Happy 65th Birthday Prince Charles!

Until Facebook, I was terrible at remembering birthdays. Even now I put my roommates’ birthdays in my calendar a year in advance, just so I can start being reminded in the birthday month. Before Facebook I only remembered three non-family birthdays: The Queen on April 21, my middle school best friend on August 31 (no need to wonder why that stuck), and Prince Charles on November 14. Last week I got a meeting notice for today and I responded, “Did you know that November 14 is also Prince Charles’ birthday?!” Luckily, I work with people who humor me and my colleague responded that she’d be more excited for Prince Charles’ birthday than for the aforementioned meeting. I was too.

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are still on a tour of India, where, according to the Duchess, the Prince is so busy he might not even notice it’s his birthday. The best part of my day was reading this informal and genuine interview with The Duchess of Cornwall, the longest interview she’s given yet, all in honor of her spouse’s birthday. She talks about needing to hold up a sign that says “Happy birthday, Darling,” because that’s the only way he’ll pay any attention to her in the flurry of his engagements! I’ve said it before and I hope to say it more eloquently in the next few days: It may surprise you, but I adore The Duchess of Cornwall.

In honor of The Prince of Wales officially becoming a “pensioner,” the age of retirement and discounts for Britons, let’s remember that he was born at a time when the world was still recovering from a savage war, when Facebook wasn’t around to help with important dates, and when the young couple below were plain old Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Princess Elizabeth.


Courtesy the Internet

And speaking of young couples–it looks like little Prince George has got his grandfather’s genes with those magnificent cheeks!

Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness, here’s to many more years!


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