Official Christening Photos Released; HRH The Duchess of Cambridge at 100 Women Hedge Funds Gala

What a day! I have to scurry to the next thing on my list, but I was delighted to get home from work to see that the Royal couple released some official portraits from the christening yesterday.


I know, right??? That baby looks so darn happy and that is the most ebullient smile I’ve ever seen on The Duchess in a professional portrait–you can tell her cheeks are straining from smiling. Please note that I assume Prince Harry was behind the photographer and making adorable/dashing faces to make his little nephew happy.

Another portrait, with import:


Courtesy Jason Bell

Four generations of sovereigns. This kind of photo hasn’t taken place since Queen Victoria posed with her great-grandson, the future Edward VIII.

This evening the Duchess attended the 100 Women Hedge Fund Gala this evening. The event benefited Action on Addiction, one of the Duchess’ charities.

ImageThere’s more to say (and more to exclaim about–how lovely!) but I have to run. Thanks for reading, everyone!


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