Duchess of Cambridge at First Official Post-Birth Event

The Palace announced this event long ago, but given how busy September has been, by the time today rolled around I had no idea this was happening–but it’s always a nice surprise when my favorite couple turns up unexpectedly.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a Tusk Trust gala event in London; the Tusk Trust, of which William is patron, promotes animal and wildlife conservation in Africa.


I love the dress; it’s Jenny Packham, of course, which seems to be the Duchess’s go-to designer now that Issa is out of the picture (the brand sold to Camilla Al-Fayed, daughter of infamous Mohammed Al-Fayed; rumor has it that the Duchess ended the association because of this). I will say, just once: I wish she would put her hair up more! And I had this thought before she got pregnant and had little George, so don’t think I’m sitting here judging a new mom for fun–it’s just… with the lines of the dress it would be nice to see more of it and more of her face!


She’s still lovely, of course–just looking noticeably more mature (age-wise) than when she got married two and a half years ago.

Tangentially, I can’t believe it’s been more than two years since my Royal Wedding adventure! I found an old journal entry in which I wrote, despondent, “The most I have going for me is a decent academic record and two minutes on national television.” Well, at least I’m employed, now!

It’s also been announced that The Duke of Cambridge will soon leave his RAF military service to focus more on Royal duties and charities. I think this was a long-coming but difficult decision for the couple, as my understanding is it means leaving their farmhouse home on Anglesey for good. Bummer, but maybe it means we’ll see them more!


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