Kids Write the Darndest Things

Now that my family has made the move north, the time has come for them to unpack, which means they are finding paraphernalia from the past 30 years in random places. Behold a note that was shoved in a book somewhere:


Transcribed this reads: “Your Majesty, Hello! It’s Sausha [I think??]. I am coming to pick up our son from Eton and me and Samuel [maybe??] would love to visit you. We can arrange many of the details. We would love to hear from you. Love, Sausha [with too many letters to actually be Sausha] R.”

Incorrect grammar notwithstanding, it’s a pretty cute note. In May of 1998 I was 12, which seems fairly old to be playing dress up (unless it was Titanic dress up, which is another story)–but I have a vague memory of writing this in the loft at the beach house with my cousins who would have been toddlers at the time–and goodness knows I loved making them dress up as princesses. I’m impressed with the reference to Eton (Prince William and Prince Harry’s high school equivalent), but dismayed at the erratic tone: addressing this fellow Royal as “Your Majesty” and then signing it “Love.” I guess there were some things I didn’t understand back then.

What else? I have backlogs of magazines to post about, as well as some new Royal memorabilia that I should feature. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted in Anglesey, Wales, today, which means she and little George have indeed returned to their farmhouse home with Prince William. There is another Royal wedding coming this weekend, this time in Monaco–Princess Caroline’s son Andrea is marrying his longtime love (and mother of his child), Tatiana Santo Domingo. I may not report about it, but will certainly scrutinize the guest list and attire!

Of course, the end of August always brings me back to, you guessed it, the death anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales. This year I will honor her memory by not seeing the new movie, Diana, although if you see it please do tell me all about it!

Have a good week, everyone!


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