Royal Baby Fever: Gay Marriage, Great Kate Wait, and Mercury in Retrograde

This morning the US woke to big news from across the pond—no, not that news, but even better: Gay marriage is now legal in the UK, courtesy of bills passed by Parliament and signed into effect by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The following image is making the rounds and I strongly approve.


Courtesy George Takei (for a start)

Since, you know, my approval is necessary when appropriating The Queen’s image for humorous uses. It’s widely known that Buckingham Palace–indeed, the British Monarchy at large–is a haven for gays in the work force, so I’m sure Her Majesty approves of being the Rainbow Queen!

New sites are still in overdrive during this “Great Kate Waiting Game.” Even the Telegraph marched into the fray yesterday and this morning.


The Queen and The Princess Royal (Princess Anne, if you didn’t know, but you should know) visited the Lake District, in Cumbria, this morning, where a young girl asked Her Majesty if she was hoping for a girl or boy from The Duchess of Cambridge. What followed is one of the best lines I’ve ever heard from The Queen: “I don’t think I mind but I would very much like it to arrive because I’m going on holiday soon!” Oh, to have been a loon on that lake! This is a very personal comment, which always pleases me when it comes from The Queen. She heads to Balmoral at the end of next week, so there’s eight days before The Queen’s designated D-Day!

In other news, my (lovely and wonderful) personal astrologer has intriguing information about potential Royal baby due dates: According to her, the baby will be better off if s/he is born after July 20th; currently, Mercury is in retrograde, which, as far as I understand, muddles the Universe and creates communication delays. Interestingly, both The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have their moon in Cancer (which symbolizes motherhood, along with home and yummy food). What all of this means is that Mercury is “doing a back and forth dance” over The Duke and Duchess’s concept of motherhood and, essentially, a post-July 20th date will be best! This would also be in line with Carole Middleton’s statement that the baby will be a Leo (roughly July 22 to August 22). Thanks to Anna the astrologer for the information!

As always, stay tuned, folks!

Some updates: Happy, happy birthday to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall!!!! The lovely woman turned 66 today. I am a year overdue–seriously–in writing about my–surprising–strong affection for her. I hope to do this in the near future, especially if the baby does not come tomorrow or Friday.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 7.10.43 AM

In addition, some now wonder if the press will be hoodwinked, with The Duchess of Cambridge delivering at the Royal Berkshire Hospital instead of St. Mary’s; if the Duchess can do this, I say, go for it!

Finally, I was just in a meeting at work and there was a post on Facebook that said “BREAKING NEWS: THE DUCHESS GIVES BIRTH TO A BABY GIRL.” I legitimately gasped–in the middle of my meeting–and then spent five minutes frantic until I confirmed it was a hoax. DO NOT POST HOAXES or I will need  horse tranquilizer, people!



4 responses to “Royal Baby Fever: Gay Marriage, Great Kate Wait, and Mercury in Retrograde

  1. YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Amanda, I know! I hope you are well–I owe you an email, as always!!! Thinking of you, thanks always for reading!!!!

  3. Well, as a Cancerian myself, I’m hoping for a Cancer baby, despite what your astrologer says. It’s great to symbolize yummy food. Plus, the Queen agrees with me.

    • Well, Casey, at this point, I just want to have that baby out of there and have the wait END!!! So, if it’s a Cancer, then I’ll live. 😉 You are correct to have The Queen on your side.

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