Royal Baby Fever: Get Me an Aspirin!

I give up all pretense of nonchalance about the Royal baby. For the past week I’ve received Facebook messages and comments, emails, and texts about the impending birth—with each one the kinetic energy of this excitement increases until I find myself bouncing in my chair, like this morning.

My friend Caitlin, a native Londoner, had her brother place a £20 bet at Ladbroke’s (a professional betting firm) on the name Elizabeth, which has 8/1 odds. I don’t know much about betting, but I do know these are good odds. Majority opinion (or wishful thinking) theorizes Diana will be a middle name, if it’s a girl; my inclination is, if the baby is a girl, The Duke of Cambridge will want to honor his mother in a quieter, subtler way.

Next week I’m getting up at 6:00am for an online talk about a painting in the Royal Collection called “Who Is the Man in Red?” Portraiture identification is one of the coolest things to me–while sorting books and papers at my parents’ house I found my first British Royal Family tree poster, which goes back as early as Ethelred the Unready (pre William I). It delighted me to find this, but I was intrigued by the portraits of Henry VIII’s six wives–two of them were misidentified! Of course, the identification happened ten to fifteen years after the poster was made, but it’s fascinating to know this now.

I don’t have much more to say except hold on to your horses, people; this baby is going to come and it’s going to be the most exciting part of my July. I’ll try to be as on top of it as I can and might start getting up earlier–this is where I miss being in Boston, at least there I was only five hours behind!

Stay classy (and patient), kids; this isn’t going to go on forever!




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