Royal Baby: Coming to a World Near You This Week

This is going to be the week, folks, I can feel it. The poor Duchess can probably also feel it at this point–it seems like she’s been pregnant forever! Remember her first official post-announcement appearance, giving out the Sports Personality of the Year Award and everyone said “ooh, look at the baby bump” and I wanted to hit aforementioned individuals because, really, there was not a whiff of a bump for the next month??

Courtesy The Telegraph

Courtesy The Telegraph

Yes, I’m sure you all remember, as do Becks and Bradley Wiggins.

The New York Times is still reporting on the biggest non-event of the year–that is, until it becomes one of the biggest events of the year!

Last week at work I announced at our company-wide meeting that, though I would not be taking time off for the birth of the Royal baby, they should expect me to be hyper when the occasion arose. There was a pause and one of my coworkers looked at me, confused: “You’re pregnant??” She asked. She thought I had said “the real baby,” not Royal baby, and was wondering how I could be so flippant about this. I’m surprised this is only the first time someone has mistaken my exuberance for an actual life event and not just a life event happening to someone I don’t know.

What are your predictions, readers? Boy? Girl? Tomorrow? Thursday?? The Duchess of Cornwall told well-wishers to expect an appearance “by the end of the week” and I sure hope she’s right!


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