Where Is that Baby?!

On Wednesday morning I woke to a text from a friend: “It looks like we’re going to have a Royal baby!”

For several months now I’ve downplayed my excitement about the Royal baby: I’m not that into little kids, pregnancy still seems strange to me, I wish William and Catherine had waited a bit longer before having the baby; whine, whine, and oh, I don’t care as much as people think I do.

But when I saw that text message, everything I thought I knew about my feelings for the Royal baby turned upside down.

I went ballistic. I started clapping and scurried to turn on my Internet and the computer. I texted another friend to see what she’d heard; I bounced in my chair as things powered up and then went straight to the British Monarchy website——but nothing was reported! Startled, I went to Hello!‘s site, then CNN, then People, and so on, but I couldn’t find anything.

In the end, it turns out my friend misinterpreted an ABC News article; the other friend I texted was utterly confused; and I was disappointed not to hear the pitter patter of little, Union Jack and Royal Standard-swaddled feet. It seems to me I actually care about the Royal baby; indeed, I might already love him or her more than I will love any other baby. We’ll see.

The “wait and watch” part of the Royal baby saga has even extended to The New York Times, which means this must be a legitimate pastime! The Duke of Cambridge is supposed to attend a charity polo match this weekend, which has everyone (and I mean everyone) wondering, in the words of my Facebook friend, Sally, “WHERE IS THAT BABY?”

So, future Prince or Princess of Cambridge, come out and play soon, we’re all counting on you to distract us from our quotidian lives!

Courtesy Google

Courtesy Google


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