Happy Anniversary to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Today is the second wedding anniversary of my dear friends, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! It has been a busy week for them, but I hope they find some time soon to celebrate the milestone for the last time before the baby arrives.

In other news, I have Internet now and I am so, so relieved–it means I can keep up better with our happy couple!

If you’re still feeling down this week, only thing you need to do is watch this video and I promise your heart will grow ten sizes. It’s the Royals plus Harry Potter, which equals not only the most British thing from the island, but also the most adorable setup. Trust me. Prince William knows “Expelliarmus!” unaided–what could possibly be better than that???


                                Courtesy Google Image Search (lame, I know)

Give these kids an honorary Oscar already! Including one for the baby.

Tomorrow is the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the investiture of King Willem Alexander I–it is an exciting week! Thank goodness for Internet. Seriously.




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