Child Bereavement UK Visit

The morning dawned sunny in Buckinghamshire where The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to one of their core charities, Child Bereavement UK. The organization provides aid and support to parents and families who have lost children. There is a heartbreaking symmetry concerning William’s involvement with Child Bereavement: Having lost a parent at a young age he now serves a charity that helps bereaved parents. He has mentioned his mother to this group before and it must be a difficult–but I hope rewarding–experience.

In lighter news, everyone looked happy and healthy! I have to confess, photos only show the Duchess with her cute coat on and I desperately tried to find an image of the dress she wore underneath (“black Topshop with Peter Pan collar”)–to no avail.


 This was the first of several join engagements that the Duke and Duchess will attend in the upcoming weeks. It is such a relief to see the Duchess on these trips–it gives me hope that she is doing well! Please note that I refrain from using the dreaded “bump” term and I hope you all will follow suit.


Well, that’s about all I have time for at the moment–I’m on a lunch break at work! Some of you will be disheartened to know that it seems Prince Harry is seriously seeing another lovely blonde… keep dreaming, though, ladies, she doesn’t have a ring yet!

At some point I do hope to discuss Queen Beatrix’s forthcoming resignation–it’s on my agenda, fear not! Not that any of you are actually afraid…

Update: I’m at home now and, instead of continuing to shop online, which leads me to dangerous territory, I’m going to show you a picture of the Duchess’s dress from earlier today (there weren’t too many, which is a good thing, it means everyone was more focused on the families and the children at the charity).

(Courtesy Hello! Online)

A classic LBD (with that white collar) and she still looks amazing, radiant.

Speaking of being amazing, my friend Toni sent me this image on my birthday:


I’ve been trying to give an adequate description of this, but I keep using caps lock, which is not exactly professional. This is going on my wall at work. In fact, most every meme that Toni sends me is going on my wall at work–perhaps I’ll have to insert a gallery here, for all of you to see. Thank you, Toni!


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