St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

I should be flogged. I promised you all so much: “I will update more! I won’t just say I will, I’ll actually do it!” and so on. And then I go and abandon the Royals (say it isn’t so!) for more than two weeks. Flogged, I say!

Of course, I didn’t actually abandon the Royals (as if!); instead, though carefully following all recent hijinks of our favorite couple, I put the blog on the back burner again–but for fairly good reason this time: I got a job. And an apartment. And started my taxes. And changed my plates over to Oregon. And turned 27. So, excuses, excuses, but things have been hectic!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also been very busy. In early March the couple, along with Prince Harry, attended the wedding of friends in Switzerland, in conjunction with a brief ski holiday (the Duchess abstained from the skiing).


(Courtesy Hello! Online)

Shortly thereafter the Duchess made a highly publicized visit to the town of Grimsby, where she visited a hospice center and an elementary school, among other places. Crowds thought she made a slip of the tongue, asking, “Is that for my daugh–” but re-examined video footage (I kid you not; even I wouldn’t go that far) reveals she only said, “Is that for us?” Don’t up your betting yet, folks! The Duchess also mentioned she’s begun to feel the baby move–I think this is a very personal revelation and was surprised to hear her say it, but she is the People’s Duchess!


(Courtesy Hello! Online)

This past weekend the Duke and Duchess attended the final day of the Cheltenham Races; some of you might recall that in 2007, one of the couple’s final public engagements before their brief break-up was at the Cheltenham Races. When I visited the UK this past July I stayed with friends in Cheltenham; I can now say I have driven near the Cheltenham race track! One more item off the bucket list!

I’m kidding. Mostly.


(Courtesy Hello! Online)

I love this coat (surprise, surprise); now that I’m employed, maybe you’ll see me around wearing high end clothes like this. Or not. But a girl can dream, right?

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and the Duchess passed out shamrocks to the Irish Guards, just as she did last year (and repeating her coat, though with maternity alterations). This time her husband came along (last year he was in the Falklands) and, in a gesture that will set back women’s liberation while simultaneously making us swoon, the Duke came to the rescue of the Duchess when her shoe heel got stuck in a grate.


(Courtesy Hello! Online)

That’s right, chivalry is not dead. Especially if you’re actually a Knight (of the Order of the Garter), as William is.


(Courtesy Hello! Online)

In another surprising move the Duchess told one of the guards that while she is hoping for a boy, William would like a girl. Even if they haven’t found out the sex yet, the general public won’t know until the wee heir is swaddled and carried out of St. Mary’s in Paddington (as William was) or King Edward VII Hospital in Westminster (where the Duchess stayed when she was first pregnant).

I am a working woman now, but I hope–there’s that word again–to continue to post when I can. The Duke and Duchess will be attending some charity events this week and I certainly want to keep you updated!


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  1. Well, it’s about time for an update!! I was going through withdrawal.

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