Duchess of Cambridge’s Portrait Unveiled

I can explain. First of all, the holidays were upon us. Second, I journeyed to the not-so-far-east for some catching up in Boston and New York. Third, WordPress has redesigned their site and I am confused right now, but will persevere. Also coming in 2013: More posts about the Royals you love–or maybe didn’t even know existed!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent Christmas with the Middletons in a widely publicized break with tradition that was supposed to be private. The Duchess was seen out in Bucklebury, near her family’s home, a few days after Christmas. This Wednesday Her Royal Highness turned 31 in the company of her family, some friends, and a Cirque du Soleil performance in London. Happy belated birthday, Your Royal Highness!

And then today the Royal couple turned up at the National Portrait Gallery (of which the Duchess is patron) for the unveiling of her first official portrait. The Duchess–still not showing any baby bump, so take that, Daily Mail–looked lovely in burgundy (which was my new favorite color a few weeks ago, even before I saw this dress. I feel prescient!).


Paul Emsley is pictured above with the couple; the Duchess sat for him twice, during which Emsley took many photos, from which the oil portrait was painted. And what is the final product, you ask? Well, you asked for it.


I think the short answer is “oh, dear.” The longer answer is a funny but appropriate article by The Telegraph describing the portrait as “an aesthetic disaster.” The portrait displays the Duchess’s personal side and not her public role; I dare say she must smile more than this in private! So, no, I am not a huge fan of the portrait–it almost seems like a Thomas Kincade in terms of the soft, glowing feel–but she is a beautiful woman and I still think that beauty comes through here.

In 2013 I resolve to post more here, perhaps even starting a vlog! I would like to make more “Random Royal Personage” posts and introduce you all to the labyrinthine connections between the Royal houses of Europe; see you all tomorrow!


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