Duchess of Cambridge Visits St. Andrew’s, Though Not The One You Think!

I always got a kick of knowing that The Duchess of Cambridge’s prep school (the American equivalent of k-8, I think) was called St. Andrew’s, just like her–our– later University. Today, in honor of St. Andrew’s Day, the Duchess paid a visit to her old school, made a quick speech, and, because she is our Duchess of Cambridge, played some field hockey!


Have I mentioned yet today how much I love this woman?


I love her. There, I’ve said it. She wore McQueen again, and the tartan is actually a nod to the Scottish 3rd Battalion Regiment, which is highly appropriate on St. Andrew’s day. You can watch a video of her visit here, which shows her speaking and her adroit wielding of that hockey stick! The Duchess also revealed that her nickname while at school was “Squeak,” which I think is one of the most adorable things I’ve learned about her. I love her. There, I’ve said it again.



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