Recent Events Recap for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

So, it’s true. I take my semi-retirement seriously, and this apparently includes even taking a break from blogging. Mea culpa.

The difficulty remains that when I see The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge out and about (or any of the Royals, really) I get so excited and want to make sure you know what they’ve been doing. So, really, I make these posts for you out of the goodness of my heart.

Over the weekend our favorite couple made an appearance at the Wales/New Zealand rugby match, although their star power unfortunately had no bearing on the game’s outcome, as the All Blacks won. The Duchess wore a beautiful, repeat coat in the Wales team color. We last saw her in this for her UNICEF trip to Denmark last year. As it is now making headlines, she also debuted an updated hairstyle, which includes bangs (or a “fringe,” as the Brits call it).

Yesterday the Duchess attended the opening of an exhibit at the Natural Museum of History, also wearing a repeat dress from last year. This time, though, we got a better look at it in full length.

Lovely! Everyone keeps saying, “so retro!” and, I agree, to an extent, but it also gives more body to her already fabulous hair. And, so help me, I really need to stop reading the damn Daily Mail because they had the nerve to exclaim, “Kate pulls a Diana!” since, at one point in her life, the late Princess of Wales also wore green and had bangs. Ugh I get so angry! Anyway, at the event the Duchess also made another public speech–she is racking these things up!

Today marked an historic visit as William and Catherine visited their namesake city for the first time, Cambridge.

Courtesy BBC

They were there to visit the University and attend several other charity meetings, before having lunch in a pub–man, I love these two! I also love Cambridge itself, having visited my friends there twice–it’s a beautiful city and it’s nice to recognize the streets that the Duke and Duchess wandered! The Duchess’s coat is another winner, although I’m not sure I could pull off the pale color.

Courtesy The Examiner

In other news (as usual), Kate Winslet was recently made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE); she attended an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace and was given her award by Her Majesty The Queen. Even the official Royal website covered this event!

There are a few upcoming events for our favorite Royals, and there is a current visit by the Shiekh of Kuwait. Stay tuned, folks!


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