Update From Royal Central (aka Denmark)

After a few days in Paris my mom and I have been in Denmark for three nights and I am in love with Copenhagen and the country’s Royal history. To start:

This is the man who is the Danish equivalent of Queen Victoria–“The Father-in-Law of Europe,” King Christian IX. One of his daughters became Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom, another Crown Princess Thyra of Hanover, the third became Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia; one son was nominated King George I of Greece, the other became King Frederick VIII of Denmark, and the final son, Valdemar, faded into obscurity, but that’s not important. To further illustrate my excitement:

This is me at Amalienborg Palace with a portrait of young Alexandra (later Queen of the UK) and Marie (later Empress of Russia). Queen Margrethe II lives in the Amalienborg complex, as well as her son, Crown Prince Frederik and his lovely wife, Crown Princess Mary. Last night I looked into the windows of Frederick’s and Mary’s palace–it was surreal! I didn’t see any of them, of course, nor even any shadows, but I was still excited.

I have so many stories to tell that are Royalty-related–my plan is to make a post about many of the photos I took, since all are critical to my understanding of the Royal families of Europe today.

In one quick side note, the official Diamond Jubilee portrait for Australia has been released, and it is as awesome and grand as the portraits I saw at the Danish palaces this week.

Courtesy Hello! Magazine

This is Her Majesty at the spot of Westminster Abbey where she was crowned 59 years ago; it’s truly majestic, don’t you think?!

And of course The Duchess of Cambridge was seen at a wedding today in Oxford; her father even walked the bride, a long-time family friend, down the aisle. Her Royal Highness rewore the lilac Erdem dress she wore to Trooping the Colour this year. I won’t post photos here, you can do your own sleuthing!

Well, goodbye from Copenhagen and hopefully I can post a bit from our room on the ship. I’ll be mostly out of service until October 14th, though–but if something major happens, you can bet I’ll be on top of it!


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