Cambridge Asian Tour Recap and Hiatus Alert

Hello everyone! Well, I’m glad we all survived the Cambridge’s Asian tour (none are happier than they, I imagine), as well as the ridiculous and unnecessary topless photo “scandal.” Here’s to hoping the couple can disappear for a few months and take it easy.

While I try not to focus only on The Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits (she’s so much more than a fashion plate), I did find a lovely itemized “recap” of her Asian tour sartorial selections. What did you think of the Duchess’s dresses? Do you have a favorite outfit from the tour? The below items have been voted on by Hello! readers and I tend to agree with them, although I think the angelic white dress she wore to the mosque should be higher in the ranks.

According to my sources, the above list misses one dress, a 2002 pink printed throwback she wore to a private event in The Solomon Islands. Nonetheless, this is a pretty good roundup!

I am going on a mother-daughter trip for the next three weeks, with only sporadic (and expensive) Internet. I’m sure I will miss a few outings and events, but hopefully I can do some catch up when I get back. Have a good few weeks, everyone!


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