The Duchess Delights in Gold at Malaysian State Dinner

Here’s what I have to say to the people reading into the “no wine with dinner” trend that The Duchess of Cambridge has maintained thus far during her Asian tour: If I’m tired just following these events online, can you imagine how exhausted the jet-lagged and event-laden Duchess must be?? Further, when I’m exhausted I may want a glass of wine, but odds are it will give me a headache! The Duke of Cambridge mentioned to someone today that his wife has been feeling the seven-hour time difference in Singapore and Malaysia, poor thing. So I say, drink your water, Your Royal Highness, and knock ’em dead!


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Malaysia this afternoon and lunched at the Prime Minister’s house. After this they visited the Hospis Malaysia, which is connected with the Duchess’s East Anglia Children’s Hospices charity; it was here that she gave her first international public speech. You can watch it below–yes, she seems to be a little nervous, but if I remember my (anxiety-provoking) speech class in high school, she’s doing a fine job!

She’s promoting (and committed to) a cause that is very important to me, since my mother is a hospice nurse. My mother does not take care of children (I can’t even imagine how difficult that is to see), but hospice is a crucial part of end-of-life care and needs to be more publicized. Below is the Duchess after her speech and with young Zakwan Anuar, a hospice patient. It is wonderful to see how well both William and Catherine connect with kids.

These are the faces of true love! And so are the faces below, in a different way.

There was no rest for the Cambridges, who then made a dazzling entrance at Kuala Lumpu’s Istana Negara with The King and Queen of Malaysia.

This is likely a preview of the type of “traditional dress” that we will see in the upcoming days. This is not a pattern or even a fabric that the Duchess usually chooses, but it is a beautiful and successful nod to her host country, since Malaysian hibiscus flowers decorate the gown. I think she looks stunning, not to mention appropriate, since she needed to keep her shoulders covered. She also managed to coordinate with the furniture in her custom Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress.

Here is everyone at dinner, although it’s a shame William’s head is obscured by a thumb (or an evening gown).

In case you were wondering, only water and fruit juices were served with the meal. So there!

What do you think of the Duchess’s dress? Are you getting whiplash from all the events? Are you excited about tomorrow’s Diamond Jubilee tea party?? I am!


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