Singapore Shenanigans for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Day Two

I woke up at 4am and thought, “hmm, I could see what The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been up to today, instead of going back to sleep.” I resisted the urge but still couldn’t sleep, so I read Katherine, the Queen about Queen Katherine Parr until I finally felt drowsy enough to go back to bed.

There were five (!!) events in Singapore today:

  • The previously reported visit to the Gardens By The Bay
  • A quick trip to a Rolls-Royce factory (which included safety goggles)
  • Touring Strathmore Green, Queenstown, a housing project
  • A visit to the Rainbow Centre, a school for special needs children
  • Finally, dinner at the British High Commissioner’s house

For your viewing (and my writing) ease, I will only post a photo or two from each event. I’ve already discussed Gardens By The Bay, although here is another good look at the Duchess’s Alexander McQueen custom-made piece:

At the Rolls-Royce plant one could almost say that the couple let down their hair.

This is the Duchess after test driving one of the cars. The Duke reportedly teased her the whole time about crashing the vehicle. Both the Duke and Duchess were invited to do some labor on the machines. The Duchess inserted the last blade in a fan for an Airbus A380 plane. After doing so she turned to her husband and flexed her bicep.

Just when I think she’s reached the apex of her “awww” factor, she goes and does something like this! You should also Google images of the Duchess in protective goggles, she definitely pulled them off.

After lunch the Duchess changed outfits before she and her husband arrived at the Strathmore Green housing estate. The couple was met by performances from the Indian, Malay, and other cultures that comprise the city’s inhabitants.

They then took part in classes at the Rainbow Centre–William watched sports while the Duchess tried her hand at batik painting in an art class.

There are so many beautiful photos of them with adorable kids (which increases the couple’s adorable-ness exponentially), it’s hard to pick one! There are also more photos of the Duchess with an art smock, so Google it. Fewer photos of William playing sports, but I guess the papers know where the money lies! I like this dress on her, very simple and elegant (yes, yes, we know)–it is exciting to get a fashion change midday. The designer of the print dress is Raoul, a Singapore-based designer.

Finally the Royal couple ended their night at the British High Commissioner’s residence, where they toasted The Queen. The Duchess wore her Canadian favorite, Erdem.

Courtesy Hello!

Lovely, elegant, appropriate–as usual, I’m running out of inventive words to describe just how good she looks. Especially in this heat! William showed some signs of sweating during the day (apparently he even apologized to one citizen for sweaty hands), but Catherine has been showing up all of us with her great hair.

Words flew around about the “baby” word. As you can see in the above screenshot from The Telegraph, when asked how many children he would like, William replied “two.” A good number! People also chattered about the Duchess drinking water at the reception (and last night’s State Dinner). I know I said I wouldn’t bring this up again, but I still don’t think she’s pregnant. She certainly could be, by the end of the trip, but they still don’t even have space in their apartments for a baby! So hush, friends, hush.




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