The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Arrive in Singapore!

Finally we have some images from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first day of their Asian tour. The confounding problem right now is being on the west coast, where I am three hours behind New York, eight interminable hours behind London, and (having just done the math) fifteen hours behind Singapore! When I got into bed last night I thought, “What’s the point of sleeping? They probably just touched down! I’m missing time that could be spent blogging!” Unfortunately for all of you and me, I didn’t stay up. But now the first day of the Diamond Jubilee Asian Tour is done and I can report that it was a blazing (hot!) success.

The Duke and Duchess first visited the famed Botanical Gardens in Singapore, where they viewed a white Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana orchid, named after William’s mother, the late Princess of Wales.

Initially I was incredulous of the hype about the couple viewing this “memorial” orchid: William inhabits his mother’s old house, for goodness sakes, and likely passes parts of the Diana Memorial Walk every day when he is in London–he has far more personal, vivid memorials to his mother than items that were fabricated in her memory. It turns out, though, that this flower was named for Diana before she died. She intended to view it in late 1997, but tragic events prevented that from happening.

In a similar vein, the Duke and Duchess were honored with their own hybrid orchid, the Vanda William Catherine, a tribute to their marriage last year. William joked that the colors of the flower matched his wife’s beautiful dress.

Isn’t she just great?! It is surprising to see how closely her Jenny Packham kimono style dress matches her orchid–well played, Your Royal Highness!

This evening there was a quick change for the couple as they attended a State Dinner at the president’s palace. More on that later today!


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