First State Dinner for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Singapore

After this morning’s visit to the Botanic Garden, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the Istana, Singapore’s Presidential Palace. They were met with a salute and then William inspected the Guard of Honor with President Tony Tan. At the palace they also talked with the Prime Minister and his wife, pictured below.

Courtesy The Telegraph

The seating arrangement doesn’t look conducive to easy chatting, does it?? It also makes me wonder how many hordes of press are in front of them, snapping away.

After greeting the Prime Minister the couple took part in what I believe is their first official State Dinner, hosted by President Tan (while they had an official tour of Canada last year, my understanding was it was not a State Visit on behalf of The Queen, which the Asian tour is). The Duke of Cambridge gave a speech at the dinner on behalf of The Queen

Courtesy The Telegraph

This is our lovely Duchess with Mary Chee, the president’s wife. And below we have all of them together. I personally think William should have coordinated his tie with his wife’s purple dress, but he doesn’t always heed my advice!

Rumors abound that there will be a “tiara appearance” for the Duchess during this tour; this evening’s State Dinner would have been ideal for diamonds, but it did not happen. I’m unsure of the remaining itinerary, but I (and many of my fellow Royal bloggers) will keep my fingers crossed for future bling.

Like The Queen, Princess Anne, and Diana, Princess of Wales before her, The Duchess of Cambridge sends a message to her host country with her attire. Though she wore Brit Jenny Packham’s outfit this morning, her purple and white dress for this dinner is by Singapore-born designer Prabal Gurung.

I like what I’ve seen of Prabal Gurung on other celebrities and people like Michelle Obama. The print on the back of this is divine, though I’m actually not a huge fan of the dress on our Duchess. Something just doesn’t fit quite right, I guess? Maybe it’s that her hair is down in front, so it looks a bit like she’s got a bow tie at her neck. I’m horrified I’ve even put down a slightly negative opinion here, so I should publish this post before I renege on my thought.

In about four hours our intrepid couple will start their second day of events and I will post again after dinner!


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