London 2012 Paralympics: Day One and In Memorium

Changing time zones means that I have been posting later in the evening for my east coast friends (and, let’s face it, the majority of friends I have are east coast friends); I will try to post earlier in the upcoming weeks–I don’t want anyone to miss out on her Duke/Duchess/Queen/Prince/etc. sightings, especially with the upcoming Asian tour. I am getting excited!

Yesterday saw the first day of the Paralympics and the first Team GB gold–all bets were on cyclist Sarah Storey, and she didn’t let down the crowd. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended this event, and, like many of the Olympic events, this was a family affair.

Isn’t that sweet!??! Next to the Duchess is young Lady Louise Windsor, who is the daughter of The Earl and Countess of Wessex (who is next to her daughter in the above photo). I like Lady Louise. She is The Queen’s youngest granddaughter and has a lake in Canada named after her. Last weekend a friend of a friend said “Oh, when I was at Lake Louise I did such and such” and I swear it took all of my willpower (and a little distraction, I’m sure) not to shout, “OMG DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT LAKE IS NAMED AFTER??” Edit: As it turns out, it is a good thing I did not say this, because this person was likely talking about Lake Louise in Alberta, which is well known and named after Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter, Louise. However, Lady Louise Windsor (and her brother, actually) does have a Lake Louise named for her in the Canadian province of Manitoba. I got my wires crossed! Thanks to Marjorie for pointing out my misunderstanding!

For another “Awww” moment, please see the below Duke and Duchess with matchy-matchy footwear:

We saw the Duchess in these during the Olympics, but these are the first we’ve seen of the Adidas trainers on William. Later, the Duchess attended a swimming event alone. It’s wonderful how involved she gets with the sports!

And now for our final “Awww” photo of the day:

GAH I LOVE HER SO MUCH. We all know this feeling, right? “Ohmygod I can’t take more of this, it’s so stressful, I just can’t watch anymore!!” I hope to see more of her (and William and Harry and any of the others) in the upcoming two weeks! There is a full schedule somewhere (probably thanks to “What Kate Wore), but I don’t feel like putting it up yet.

Finally, I was going to make this a separate post, but if I do I might write too much and, you never know, I could cry (it’s been an emotional couple of weeks, OK?). Today marks the 15th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Some histrionic article I saw in Daily Mail (don’t judge me) said that “The Firm,” also known as The House of Windsor, had airbrushed Diana out of the picture. I don’t think this is true, especially since her sons invoke her name often, especially in the past couple of years. The article also failed to mention that there is an entire exhibit surrounding Diana’s years at Kensington Palace (which is the Monarchy’s property), which couldn’t have gone forward without important approval. The Queen is not going to stand on a chair and give thanks to the late Princess of Wales for dragging her into the 21st century; I think Diana is–and would have wanted to be–remembered for her legacy, which is what I said last year, too. Her boys were her world and, with a few (unclothed) hiccups, they have become delightful men. To say “I miss Diana” seems dramatic, but of course I do. I wish she could be here to see how her beautiful family has grown.

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2 responses to “London 2012 Paralympics: Day One and In Memorium

  1. I think Lake Louise is named after a different and much older Princess Louise, Victoria’s daughter, whose husband was governor general of Canada for a while. She was also the source of the name of the province Alberta, which was one of her middle names (after her father, of course). (If you’ve never read the book Victoria’s Daughters, I recommend it!)

  2. Marjorie, thank you for the reminder! Yes, Lake Louise in Alberta is named after Louise Caroline Alberta, who was the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria; however, in a 2008 visit to Manitoba a Lake Louise and a Lake James after Prince Edward’s children. So, it IS more likely that my friend’s friend was talking about Lake Louise in the Alberta province, but there is a Lake Louise named after little Lady Windsor. I’ve made two errors in three days, though, maybe I am getting rusty! Thank you, as always, for reading, it means so much to me!

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