Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opened the 14th Paralympic Games this evening in the same venue that saw London’s Olympic Games in July and early August. “It is with tremendous pride that the people of London and the United Kingdom welcome the world to the London 2012 Paralympic Games,” The Queen said, and she was met with loud cheers. His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Queen’s husband, did not attend the ceremony with her, most likely because he is still recovering from the bladder infection that laid him up in the hospital again last week. I worry about that man! Get well, Prince Philip!

Courtesy Daily Mail

It looks like The Queen enjoyed herself! She was joined, of course, by other members of her family, including The Earl and Countess of Wessex (Prince Edward and Sophie), Princess Anne, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (if you need me to detail their names you should not be reading this blog!).

It is significant that the Earl and his wife were seated adjacent to The Queen, perhaps a nod to her sharing more duties with them and indicative of his future as the next Duke of Edinburgh (not that we’re going to discuss that possibility right now!). Even though The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take precedence over The Earl and Countess of Wessex, it is nice that this other couple had a moment to shine next to The Queen. The papers can’t stop talking about the Duchess, of course.

Another lovely repeat outfit, trying to focus attention on the good of the games and not on herself. Responding to the cheeky headline, I’m not sure if Prince Harry was supposed to attend the opening ceremony, but he definitely wasn’t there. Prince Harry is a Team GB Paralympic ambassador, just like his brother and sister-in-law, and rumor has it that he’s lying low after last week’s nude photo scandal (for which he is receiving much support from his fellow military men!). He’ll be out and about next week, though, don’t worry–and I hope there is a strong support for him then, as well–it’s not like he broke any laws!

In other news, The Queen was recently seen in a hoodie and that kind of makes my day (thank you to Erinn for sending me the link).

Courtesy The Today Show

I’m not convinced it’s a grey hoodie (it looks more like mint green silk to me, honestly), and it’s certainly not American Apparel, but this is the first I’ve seen this article of clothing on Her Majesty.

And finally, in more historical news, archaeologists may have discovered the burial place of King Richard III in Leicester. This is as exciting to me as the Paralympics–I’ve honestly wondered what the Battle of Bosworth Field was like for the last Plantagenet King (and the last King to die in battle) and where his body was buried. I’ll follow this story closely and perhaps there may be finally a proper burial for this much-maligned King. This is not to say I don’t adore/love/worship the Tudors, who only took power once Richard III was killed, but he gets a bad reputation, especially thanks to Shakespeare!

Stay tuned for more Royal sightings at the Paralympics and the return of Prince Harry to the spotlight!


2 responses to “Paralympics Opening Ceremony

  1. I think it was great that Edward and Sophie were next to the Queen as they are the future Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, just as the Queen was when she was first married, and we know she has a soft spot for the Wessex’s. I do, however, think he was seated next to her because of his role as Patron of the British Paralympic Association.

    • Thank you for the comment, Molly! And thanks also for the reminder about Edward being patron; at some point I think I knew that (so my ego would like to claim), but I certainly didn’t think of it last night. Thanks again!

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