Two Words: Prince Harry

On arriving in my hometown of Portland, Oregon on Tuesday night I encountered multiple news links posted on my Facebook. Since I’d spent the last seven days in an Internet-less car driving 3,100 miles, it was good to have people looking out for my worldly interests when I couldn’t. I have to say, I did not expect a PRINCE HARRY NUDE IN LAS VEGAS PHOTO SCANDAL headline splashed across my retinas, but what can you do?

Everyone is talking about this. The New York Times has it as one of its top stories today. The Telegraph had multiple news stories and opinion pieces. Don’t even get me started on Daily Mail and no, I will not provide you a link to those articles.

Here’s what I really think: Everyone does crap like this in her or his life at some point, sometimes at multiple points. I’ve run around the track of a Boston-based university with nothing but my underpants on (I regret keeping them on, actually); there’s still a photo on Facebook of my college-era stomach emblazoned with the words “I ❤ boobies” (I should probably take it down). Obviously the determining factor here is that I’m not a celebrity or public figure in danger of being sold out to the media. Harry has certainly done things like this before, it’s just that earlier parties weren’t photographed with the results sent to the highest bidder.

Should he have been more careful? Problematically, people like him, people like me, want to trust others and he trusted the wrong person. This doesn’t make him bad, it makes him a still-fledgling adult who goes a little crazy. And what he does on his vacation, after his work is done, shouldn’t normally be up for public discussion. He faces tougher consequences from his military unit, I suspect, than his family, although it remains to be seen if there will be a public dressing down. Ha.

Courtesy The Telegraph/AFP

In conclusion, I don’t think the public or the God-forsaken media (see above) should pay much more attention to this, although I know we all will. This is his burden to bear, by birth alone, but I don’t think he deserves to squander in shame. People make mistakes, he’s made many, and it just makes him more likeable, in some ways, to ordinary folks like you and me.

What do you think about Prince Harry’s Las Vegas antics?


2 responses to “Two Words: Prince Harry

  1. I completely agree with you, Sarah… Everyone has done, or will do, stupid (fun) things like this in their lives… (My dad unfortunately found a picture on my computer from my college days that probably made his blood boil) And I would LOVE to be the highest bidder to get those photos, but I think my husband might leave me then. 😉

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