Duchess of Cambridge at Women’s Boxing and Synchronized Swimming

I feel bad for my few subscribers out there–these updates must be flooding your inbox! Don’t worry, the Olympics will be over soon and I’m sure most of the Royal Family will go into hiding for at least a month. Of course, watch out/stay tuned for September because we have the Cambridge tour of Asia coming up!

Today The Duchess of Cambridge attended the women’s boxing final, both the first match of its kind in Olympics history and a British victory–it must have been exciting to have been part of that audience. She was joined by her trusty Olympics buddies, Princess Anne and Captain Timothy Lawrence.

Also, I’m not sure who’s who, but the two women directly behind the Duchess are her personal assistants, with whom she’s been seen at multiple events. What I would give to have that job! I swear, I’d do it without pay for the rest of my life. Not that she’s looking for a replacement, I suppose…

Later in the day she turned up at synchronized swimming, where she sat near Prince Albert II of Monaco and even engaged in some Royal air kisses! They must be old friends by now, since the Duchess and Princess Charlene seemed to get along fabulously at the Olympics opening reception. No sign of Charlene today, though.

A few weeks ago I mistakenly told someone that Prince Albert may be the only European monarch not related to the others; however, he is related to all of them, just more distantly (we’re talking fifth cousin and not second cousin).

It looks like the Duchess got involved in the competition of the synchronized swimming (although wouldn’t it have been great if we’d seen that fist pump during the boxing?!). It also looks like she’s just a real hoot to be around. Case in point:

I would also give anything to be in on this conversation; it looks like she’s entertaining everyone single-handedly!

The Internet tells me this is day 13 of the Olympics. How many more to go? Not gonna lie, while it’s been amazing to see our Royals out and about, as I’ve said before, it’s rather overwhelming! Especially when I am packing up and moving across the country on Tuesday. Whew! Happy Thursday, everyone.


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