Olympic Days “I Can’t Keep Track Anymore”: Royal Sightings

Some blogs have been great at keeping track of the Olympic days. I suppose it’s not that hard, just start counting–but do we count the weekend days? There are events on weekend days, right? I’m going to stop talking, because I’m making a fool of myself, but the point is: The events just keep coming!

This is the first year I’ve really been following the Olympics, not just because of the Royals, but because we have a TV. It is exciting–and I have to say watching Usain Bolt qualify for the final right now was mesmerizing. I also like him because he reminds me of Prince Harry. That’s probably offensive, given he’s the fastest man in the world, but that’s the truth!

Anyway, Prince Harry, as hoped, showed up at the beach volleyball gold match this evening in Horse Guards Parade.

They didn’t pan to him during the match, but I’m sure he took quite a few pictures, if you know what I mean!

The Duchess of Cambridge turned up at the women’s hockey medal event today, although Team GB lost to Argentina.

I have made that exact same face before, thinking, “eeeeeeee this is not going as planned!”

The Duchess did wave to the crowds. She rewore her Smythe blazer and her white Adidas Team GB top. So chic! I believe she appeared at track events later in the evening, along with William and Harry (who sported a Bob Marley scarf, given to him by Usain Bolt).

On Monday she attended the sailing races, wearing those awesome red sneakers she wore last week and a sleek waterproof Adidas jacket.

She looked like a natural on the water, too:

The Duchess was joined by Princess Anne and her husband, Captain Timothy Lawrence (that’s him to the right of the Duchess). Princess Anne and Captain Lawrence seem to be hanging out with their nephews and nieces during these Olympic games, which just encourages the “aww, they’re so normal” sentiment.

Courtesy What Kate Wore

Isn’t that just too cute?!?!? Gah, I love them!

I think I’ve missed a few events, and it should be noted that Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, along with their mother, Sarah, Duchess of York; Prince Michael of Kent; and Peter Phillips, Princess Anne’s son, have been out and about at multiple events this week. I can’t find those images right now, but trust me, the whole family is there!


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