Duchess of Cambridge at Gymnastics and Handball

The Duchess of Cambridge has been taking her role as Team GB ambassador seriously; at this point I can’t keep track of how many Olympic events she’s attended! Today she was spotted in quick succession at gymnastics and then handball. Princes William and Harry were in absentia, since they were playing polo (such a sporty family).

She seems to be sticking to the Team GB Adidas sponsored uniform, although later in the day she was spotted in a blue-gray polo shirt and not her usual white polo. There is also a closeup of her Olympic pass–I don’t think this woman can take a bad photo!

See what I’m saying? I appreciate the “honoured guest” moniker, too.

Courtesy What Kate Wore

I love this color! And obviously I also want a polo shirt adorned with the Union Jack–what could be better?

Courtesy What Kate Wore

Those are awesome shoes–I’m in the market for new running shoes anyway, so it’s nice to see something different.

I will say it’s hard to see how everyone around the Duchess takes photos of her–and clearly in the above photo she’s just walking through the venue and waving to people. In this case, of course, she’s in an official capacity, but it’s going to be like this… forever! I’m not saying I wouldn’t do the same, and maybe I’m not articulating this thought well, but I hope that there are points in her future when she (and William) can just bum around again!


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