Duchess of Cambridge at Three Olympic Events Today (plus bonus William and Harry)

The Duchess of Cambridge is one busy lady! It sounds like she’s getting as much of a workout as the athletes in these few weeks (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean!).

This morning she was solo at two events while William and Harry were interviewed at the BBC nearby. The Duchess first attended the hurdling event, marking the beginning of the track and field Olympic program.

I wonder if she ever chats with David Cameron–he was next to the Duke and Duchess (and Harry) just last night, as well, so they’re certainly seeing much of each other these days!

I absolutely love the Team GB Adidas gear she wears! Makes me wish I’d bought some while I was over there two weeks ago (not that I can afford it). It also reminds me of a time middle school when I bought those popular striped Adidas shoes just because Matt Toner wore them–but I digress.

Next up for our Duchess was the Team GB hockey match against Pakistan at the Riverside arena. The turf was where she proudly displayed her hockey skills in the month leading up to the Olympics.

Finally, both she and William turned up at some swimming events this evening, with the Duchess changing into a divine polka-dot shirt with a red blazer. You can bet I now want a red blazer (along with every other woman on the Internet, I’m sure). It looks like she could be wearing the blazer under her Team GB jacket above, but I’m not sure, since that top also has some red piping on the sleeves.

How beautiful! “What Kate Wore” hasn’t updated with the information about this outfit, yet, but I have to wonder if the blazer is just a red version of the navy Smythe top she wore to previous events–it has the same gold button detailing that I adore.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, because here are William and Harry at their BBC interview, which took place at the Olympic Media Village while Catherine was at her events this morning.

Courtesy Daily Mail

All in all a busy day–but I won’t go reporting on scores or medals here, since I don’t want to be accused of spoiling the fun.

Also, you know you want more lovely photos from last night’s Velodrome event.

Courtesy What Kate Wore

This photo could have easily featured in last night’s “They’re Just Like Us” post, since she’s obviously climbing over seats–so normal!

Courtesy What Kate Wore

I’m not trying to be dramatic here: It will be challenging to find someone to love as much as I love these two. It’s like a permanent (but chaste and platonic) crush!


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