Zara Phillips Wins Silver Medal With Eventing Team!

The Olympics have been busy, the Royals have been busy, and I have been busy! All of which amounts to me lagging behind in my reporting, unfortunately! Unless you have been under a rock, you probably know by now that Zara Phillips, The Princess Royal’s daughter and The Queen’s granddaughter, won the silver medal in the equestrian showjumping event yesterday. While both her mother and her father, Captain Mark Phillips, were Olympians, this is the first time a member of the Royal Family has been awarded a medal in the games.

Courtesy The Telegraph

The nuances of her horse’s name, High Kingdom, do not escape me, either! Congratulations, Zara!!

Members of Zara’s family were out in droves (I swear they took up nearly a whole row of seats), including, of course, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I will post more pictures of this “family cheer section” tomorrow, but for now I leave you with this teaser.

Holding hands! The look of love! Oh man, I really can’t get enough of these two. And, yes, that is The Duchess of Cornwall next to Catherine–I still owe her a belated birthday post. With that, I’ll be back in fighting form tomorrow!


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