Olympic Opening Ceremony Shenanigans

I was minding my own business when my phone buzzed with a text. “The Queen just parachuted out of a helicopter,” my friend Amanda informed me. Although the opening ceremonies aren’t being shown in the US until 7:30, I found The Telegraph blog’s play-by-play. I’m relieved to say that Her Majesty did not jump out a helicopter, but did perform a bit with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh then entered the Oympic Stadium to great applause.

Doesn’t she look majestic!?!? I can’t wait to see a replay of the actual ceremony and give a full update.

Earlier in the evening an official reception was held at Buckingham Palace. Basically, everyone who’s anyone was in attendance. For my purposes, I was most delighted to see this photo, of course:

The Duchess soon arrived at the opening ceremony with her husband and the rest of the Royal Family.

Everyone is all smiles, naturally. Apparently there was a brilliant sunset to begin the event, how miraculous, especially given recent weather. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are also in attendance.

I think this may rank as one of my favorite photos ever. I love these two nearly as much as I love The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, seriously.

I’ve just heard that David Beckham arrived at the ceremony from the Thames carrying the Olympic torch. Well done, London, well done!


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