Royal Order of the Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle

Whew, these kids have been so busy, I can hardly keep up! First I was just afraid that I was late on the reporting of the Nottingham visit and Trooping the Colour; then came The Duchess of Cambridge’s appearance at The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, followed the next day by two sightings–both in her wellies–on a camping trip with inner-city children, then at a charity polo match with some of The Duke’s extended family.

Today brought even more excitement: The Royal Order of the Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle. As I explained last year, the Royal Order of the Garter is the oldest continuing chivalric order in the United Kingdom; there are Knight Companions and Lady Companions, all of whom are appointed at the will of The Queen (or previous monarch).

It’s good to see The Duke of Edinburgh out again, as well as to see the lovely English sun after all of the rain they’ve been getting! And then there are the color-coordinated guests:

This is The Countess of Wessex (who just returned from Gibraltar) with The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cornwall; all of them wear repeat outfits (which, I’ll repeat, I think is very classy) and seem positively ebullient!

And for our “awww” moment:

Courtesy The Daily Mail

As pointed out at The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, The Queen also wore some swanky earrings. I’ve noticed lately that, when out and about, Her Majesty almost always wears a pair of simple pearl earrings–look closely, even at formal events, and that’s more than likely what she’s wearing; however, it seems that the State Opening of Parliament and the Order of the Garter Ceremony are the two occasions on which more “bling” is required.

I love how the color of Her Majesty’s lipstick matches the rubies!

This weekend we have Ascot; I’m debating if I’ll be able to “catch up” on everything that I’ve missed, or if I should just cut my losses and move forward. We’ll see!


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