Prince Philip Leaves the Hospital, Plus Another Wedding Weekend

Just in time for his 91st birthday tomorrow, His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was released from Edward VII hospital this morning. I’m relieved; I’ve had nightmares about Prince Philip not making it through this year–I can’t even talk about it without using euphemisms, so let’s just leave it at, thank goodness he’s better!

Prior to his release, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry paid their grandfather a visit on Friday evening. What good grandsons!

Courtesy The Telegraph

Today saw all three Royals out to attend the wedding of Emily McCorquodale, the daughter of the late Diana, Princess of Wales’ sister, Sarah McCorquodale, and William and Harry’s cousin.

William looks dapper! We see classic Catherine style from The Duchess of Cambridge, re-wearing a Katherine Hooker coat we saw last year at the Order of the Garter Service, a Jenny Packham dress we saw at the Santa Barbara polo match in July, and a hat she wore to the Epsom Derby last year. Some people say that “since she’s a princess, she should wear all the expensive clothes she can.” I say, shove off! I wear clothes over and over again, whether or not I like them–it’s not just economical, it’s common sense! To wear repeats to a wedding is also a lovely gesture now that Catherine draws so much attention–it allows the bride to be center stage. She did wear her hair differently, with a nice braided plait at the top:

And here’s an image to incite “awww,” both from the physical affection between the two, and from the almost-photo-bombing Prince Harry:

I suspect the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (plus Prince Harry) will stay in town long enough to celebrate Prince Philip’s birthday tomorrow, before they return to Anglesey for some downtime. The Queen and Prince Philip have a busy schedule ahead, though, with more than 20 (!!!) engagements between now and mid-July (!!!). These regional tours (plus a Northern Ireland visit) are also in honor of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.


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