Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving, Part I

Well, I have horribly messed up my whole schedule during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations; unfortunately, I’ve got to run now but will be back, I hope in time for the balcony appearance and RAF flyover (but missing the procession from the various receptions this afternoon).

The Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s was the regal and more staid counterpart to last night’s rollicking Diamond Jubilee Concert.

The Queen looked absolutely marvelous, and put on a brave face, despite the absence of her steadfast husband, The Duke of Edinburgh. In footage you could see Her Majesty’s brooch sparkling–this is because she is wearing Cullinan Diamonds III and IV, otherwise known as “Granny’s Chips,” since the brooch was most frequently worn by The Queen’s paternal grandmother, Queen Mary.

Courtesy Daily Mail

Her family also turned out beautifully in her honor. More photos to come!

They all look rather serious here, but there was a fantastic photo on People’s website that showed everyone–except The Prince of Wales–laughing heartily while he apparently looked down at his shirt. They seem like a great family!


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