Diamond Jubilee Recap: What a Weekend!

Well, folks, I guess that’s a wrap! At least regarding blowout events; don’t worry, we still have more Commonwealth tours, including The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Malaysia and Tuvalu in the autumn, post-Olympics.

At the beginning of this weekend my desktop was tidy, with only three Royal Family images and some personal photos. This is what I had after the Service of Thanksgiving this morning:

I’m an English major; I can’t even count how many screenshots I have! Most were from the Flotilla on Sunday, but there are also some nice ones from this morning.

What a glorious day, although apparently it still poured down rain, even during the RAF flypast. I did make it home in time to catch The Royal Family (less Philip, sadly) on the balcony.

Happy and glorious, long to reign over us, God Save The Queen! Indeed! She did seem overcome with emotion while watching the outpouring of fanfare in her honor.

Her Majesty also released a touching Diamond Jubilee message, which she recorded last night and you can see below.

I also owe you all “Diamond Jubilee Concert, Part II,” and “Service of Thanksgiving, Part II,” whether you want to read these posts or not! I will get this fixed up tomorrow. I’m already sad at the prospect of not seeing my favorite family out and about tomorrow, though. At least The Telegraph still has this as their frontispiece:

According to HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, who went to see The Duke of Edinburgh after the reception at the Guildhall this afternoon, the Royal Family patriarch is doing much better. I wish him a swift recovery, though!

I guess that’s all for now, friends. Thanks for joining me on this Diamond Jubilee ride. Long live The Queen!


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