Diamond Jubilee Day One: Epsom Derby

My new favorite thing to do is to take a “screenshot” of an event as it appears in headlines or on websites. This allows me to capture the event or the day exactly as it happened, for posterity. Somehow, it seems more real when I can relate a story through other sources, as if saying, look, it’s not just me who is excited about this, everyone else is, too!

The Telegraph has gotten into the spirit of things with some patriotic bling on their logo:

I keep watching the Google doodle to see if it will reflect the Jubilee celebrations, but they might not be as much of an Anglophile as I am. UPDATE: A friend of mine gave me a great piece of advice, which was to visit Google.co.uk and view their doodle.

I love it!! The corgis, the diamonds, the “E” in her crown (that’s the George IV diadem, by the way)–it’s regal! As a matter of note, Canada’s Google.ca does not have any Jubilee-related doodle. Not that I ever imagined writing such a sentence on this blog…

The Telgraph also featured Her Majesty as she attended the Epsom Derby this morning on the first day of official Jubilee celebrations.

Barring the non-sequitur opinion piece, “Why alcoholism is not a disease,” which is a rather jarring sentiment on any occasion, it’s like The Telegraph can’t get enough talk about The Queen and her Jubilee! Doesn’t she look radiant in that photo!?

Unlike last year’s derby (at which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first public outing since returning from their honeymoon), The Queen does not have a horse in this year’s race, but she will present the winning prizes for this year’s aptly named Diamond Jubilee Coronation Cup.

Her Majesty always seems happiest when surrounded by horses, so watching the Derby is no exception. Above she is joined by Princess Michael of Kent and Prince Edward; you might think that is Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and Edward’s wife, next to him, but it is not. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York also accompanied The Queen, along with their father, Prince Andrew.

These girls are doing much more these days and I have a lot of respect for them. In the BBC One television special Beatrice spoke about the renovations to her grandmother’s playhouse in Windsor Great Park; I don’t think I’d heard her speak before, and she is very charming. Please also note a closeup of Eugenie’s nails:

How very tasteful and finely done! I wish I could do that with my nails!

A horse named Camelot won the Derby, which seems an appropriate winner on a day like today. Tomorrow: the Thames barge pageant!


3 responses to “Diamond Jubilee Day One: Epsom Derby

  1. Check out the doodle at Google.co.uk!

    • Marjorie, thank you so, so much! For some reason I never would have thought to check there. I have now, and will update this post accordingly! Thanks for pointing that out, the image is lovely, too!

  2. …not sure what happened to my name when I typed that comment.

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