Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Sorry for my absence, folks, I’ve been on hiatus back in Portland, Oregon; luckily, I haven’t missed too much, except for more information about that ABC special in which Prince William discusses the sadness at not having his mother present for his wedding last year. I will have to find it streaming, since we don’t have TV reception here (not all Portland families are like ours, I promise).

It was also exciting to see The Duchess of Cambridge attend her first Buckingham Palace garden party with The Queen this afternoon. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were also present at the garden party, along with 8,000 other guests.

That’s the Duke of Gloucester behind The Duchess of Cambridge and The Princess Royal in between Camilla and Charles. The Duke of Cambridge was not present, probably on duty back in Anglesey.

It has long been on my “bucket list” to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace, but first I need to do something extraordinary. I’m working on that!

I’ll be back in business later this week for the official opening celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee!


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