Diamond Jubilee Lunch

This afternoon The Queen hosted her Diamond Jubilee lunch for other monarchs of the world.

In previous years I have gazed at this kind of photograph and been utterly lost; this year, however, I’m able to identify a large group, including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, and King Constantine of Greece in the front row (Constantine’s wife is the sister of Margrethe), as well as Prince Albert of Monaco and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in the second row. Noticeably absent are the King and Queen of Spain; apparently they were uninvited to the festivities because of tensions over Gibraltar. I’m not well versed on this conflict, but I’ll try to do more research. There is also some controversy about the decision to include the King of Bahrain in the festivities, as he is accused of human rights violations.

In happier news, most of The Queen’s relatives attended the luncheon, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

It looks like she’s actually drinking some wine! Good for her–usually at these events the Royals stick to water. I hope they enjoyed themselves!

Courtesy Daily Mail

That’s Queen Margrethe II of Denmark photobombing our Duke and Duchess!

And this image has so many Royal Family members in one place, it gives me whiplash!

I hope there are more photos of today’s events, I’d love to see all of the monarchs and their spouses dolled up! Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are also hosting an evening reception in honor of the event. Stay tuned!


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