Olympic Team GB’s Gala at the Royal Albert Hall

And here I thought it would be a normal Friday in which I discussed how absolutely adorable HRH Prince Charles appeared in his cameo on the BBC–presenting the weather (please do watch the video, he’s so cute)! That is, I thought it would be normal until I got a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge strutting their stuff in honor of the impending Olympics. Luckily, an event like this is covered by the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and any other publication that aspires after readership.

As a writer, I should proffer more words to describe the Duchess other than “dazzling,” “beautiful,” “elegant,” or, my personal favorite, “wow.” As at the week’s earlier engagement, her outfit differs from what we usually see on the Duchess. Catherine wears plenty of green, but this is the first time I have seen her in teal. She wears a Jenny Packham gown and, as I’m sure each of the 6.8 billion people on the Earth has noticed, this is one of the few times we’ve seen her hair up at a public event. Take a closer look at the beautiful up-do (I don’t like that word, or even “hairdo,” but I have little choice):

I want my hair to do this!!! I will have to try.

Their Royal Highnesses were at the Royal Albert Hall this evening for a concert and gala, Our Greatest Team Rises, in honor of TeamGB and the upcoming Olympics/Paralympics. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are Team GB ambassadors. The evening’s event celebrated the countdown to the Olympics (76 days, according to The Telegraph‘s clock) and served as fundraiser. The couple were surrounded by athletes, many of whom will perform in upcoming sporting events. The Duke of Cambridge also gave a speech to the attendees, in which he said, “Naturally, I was asked to compete for Team GB in every sport, but sadly Lord Coe said there were London pigeons with more athletic prowess than me.” Man, I love him too. The Duke has a perfect blend of wit and humility–a commonality of his speeches is his self-effacing humor, and he does it to set people at ease.

Also: Awwwww and the obligatory, wow, what a dress! There’s enough teal on this page to overwhelm my readers, so if you want to see more photos of the dress in motion (which is as much a site as The Prince of Wales’ weather announcement), take a look here.

To conclude yesterday’s State Opening of Parliament excitement, this is a funny article passed to me by roommate, Emily–it’s especially great because it refers to Her Majesty as “blinged-out” in her regalia. No lie, I kind of like the irreverence. Appropriate irreverence, mind you!


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