Dinner at the Thirty Club for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I am not proud of my Daily Mail habit. To paraphrase my Londoner friend, Caitlin, “Why do you read that trashy, Conservative paper?” I do disagree with many things that the Daily Mail says, as well as the way they say it; however, I patronize them for two reasons: They are the quickest to get the latest Royal news in the headlines and they have the best photos. I mean, these are photos over which I drool. This headline came up this evening:

(The crass headline exemplifies why I dislike the Daily Mail.)

My first reaction was How did I not know about this?? but the caption explained this was a “private” event and was not announced to the public beforehand. My subsequent reaction was the typical Ohmygoodness she looks so beautiful I love her oh wow what a dress!

The private event turned out to be a meeting of the Thirty Club at the swanky London hotel, Claridge’s. The Thirty Club appears to be an elite organization of advertising executives who gather once a month, sometimes with a guest speaker. This month HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, served as that speaker. He follows in the footsteps of his mother, the late Princess of Wales, as well as of his grandfather, Prince Philip, and other senior members of the Royal Family.

Courtesy Daily Mail

The Duchess looks heavenly, and I love that this is a silhouette we haven’t seen on her before. The Roland Mouret dress exhibits elaborate structure, though, which is one of the Duchess’s trademarks. The slit is different but tasteful–it’s not like she’s pulling an Angelina Jolie over here. Her shoes are the same Jimmy Choos that she wore to the BAFTA celebration in Los Angeles last year:

Wowza!! I wish I owned these. I also recognize her earrings, which she wore previously to the National Memorial Arboretum event in November.

Courtesy “What Kate Wore”

Let’s have another Daily Mail furnished image, shall we?

They just look so good, so smiley! Who knows, maybe someday, when I’m there, I’ll accidentally bump into them as they head to another event. I probably faint from exhilaration if that happened.

Speaking of which, I’ve made my “UK-or-bust” ticket and I head there in July, just missing the Olympics, which is preferable. I wouldn’t mind being in London for June Jubilee festivities, but Royal Wedding crowds were enough for me! And, if I study the Court Circular I may just find The Queen or Prince Philip or our lovely Cambridge couple while I’m there.

In other Jubilee news, this is an interesting article comparing the London of Queen Victoria’s 1897 Diamond Jubilee to the present London of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. I recently read a study of Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee year and it sounds like it was just as crazy then as now!

And finally, for our Prince Harry fans, it will please you to know that he has been given the Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership Award by the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C.. The prince was recognized for his support of military veterans, an initiative sponsored by The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

He sure does make his parents proud!

Tomorrow: State opening of Parliament by Her Majesty The Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year!


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