Thursday’s Dual Dates for Our Duke and Duchess

I’m repeating myself, but I am so excited now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are back on the event train. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them out and about making other people happy! As a side note, I can’t believe it’s been a year since the wedding of my century! But more on that later…

After this morning’s appearance at Goldsmith’s Hall, William and Catherine turned around and headed to the Imperial War Museum for a fundraiser. It also appears to have stopped raining over London, at least momentarily (I think this is orchestrated by the fates to give the couple effervescent halos, but what do I know?).

Again: I would wear this dress in a heartbeat and I adore the belt. It’s nice to see her wearing the dangling earrings–rather funky, for her!–and I love the hair swept up in those curls. Take a closer look:

So elegant!

It is also true that at this morning’s event the Duke of Cambridge held a baby, while his wife patted the infant’s head. So go ahead and coo about Prince William holding a baby, you know you want to:

What I don’t like is the import that the media invests in this eventIs the Duchess pregnant? Are they trying? Maybe the baby he is holding is actually theirs??!!? Leave them alone! It turns out that the father of the baby asked William if he wanted to hold the baby–what else was William going to say but yes!? I do think they have children on the mind, but it doesn’t mean they are “broody”!

There will be more events at the end of this week and in the upcoming week. Stay tuned! I will, however, leave you with a lovely parting shot.


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