Her Majesty Visits the Royal Borough of Greenwich

It may seem a non sequitur to begin this post about Her Majesty discussing my friend Gordon, but I must begin this post about Her Majesty discussing my friend Gordon. Gordon is kind of a big deal; he is living his dream as a member of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, which is based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, just outside London. Gordon looks out for me, because anywhere he sees an opportunity to take pictures of the Royal Family or of Royal memorabilia, he takes photos and sends them to me.

For example:

(C) and Courtesy Gordon Waterson

Silver Jubilee commemoration program!

(C) and Courtesy Gordon Waterson

The program from the wedding of The Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Even though there are no exclamation points at the end of the preceding sentence, there are exclamation points in my head.

The above programs belong to the director of Gordon’s choir, who sang at some of these events (Gordon also sent one that celebrated the late Queen Mother’s 80th birthday, back in 1980). I wish I could touch these papers, but having photos is good enough!

Today Gordon was kind enough to send me some images from Her Majesty’s trip to Greenwich this afternoon.

Courtesy Gordon Waterson and friend

Look at Her Majesty’s smile, despite the unrelenting rain! I love that color on her.

Courtesy Gordon Waterson and friend

This is the Duke of Edinburgh, looking fit and healthy–glad to see he has recovered from his Christmastime heart surgery.

Courtesy Gordon Waterson and friend

This is the Royal Row Barge, which has been christened “Gloriana,” in honor of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I can’t believe Gordon and his friend got such good photos! He wrote, “[The Queen] looked fantastic and the whole day was a success apart from the weather!” Here is the Buckingham Palace press release for today’s events.

Obviously I am indebted to Gordon for all of the above images, which always brighten my day and make me wish I was back in London for these festivities; however, it must be noted that Gordon was also with me a year ago, on one of the best days of my life–and it was Gordon who took the best photo I have from 29 April, 2011.

Gordon took this photo with my camera while I was immobile in the crowd

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Gordon is the only reason I have any images of our Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the balcony on Royal Wedding day last year. I had a huge backpack strapped to me and was physically doubled over amongst the crowd, so I couldn’t see a thing; luckily, Gordon pushed the camera above the masses and took this photo. You can even see Prince Charles holding little Eliza Lopes in his arms!

All of this is to share these amazing, first-hand images with you, as well as to thank Gordon for all that he has done for me over the years. Thank you, Gordon, for everything!


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