Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee UK Tour, Day One: An OMG Moment

We all know “OMG” moments are not rare when it pertains to me and the Royals; however, I feel like this morning’s moment is only surpassed by the actual wedding day and that time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a little appearance at the Los Angeles BAFTAs. Why am I so excited?

Courtesy Daily Mail

I can’t adequately express what a huge deal this is; it was a huge deal even when the Duchess of Cambridge joined Her Majesty and the Duchess of Cornwall at Fortnum & Mason last week. For Catherine to accompany Her Majesty and Prince Philip on such a high-profile, public, Jubilee-related event… well, it signals great change is afoot in the Monarchy. Last week I read that neither the late Diana, Princess of Wales or the Duchess of York accompanied their mother-in-law solo on any engagement in the first year of marriage (not sure about the Countess of Wessex). For Her Majesty to include her granddaughter-in-law means that she has great respect for the new Royal.

Her Majesty and  the Duchess of Cambridge are pictured above at St. Pancras Station (I’ve been there! I know exactly where they are in the photo, which makes me want to swoon) on their way to Leicester to kick off The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee UK Tour. While in Leicester the Royals visited the Leicester Cathedral and De Montfort University, where the Duchess will pick out a pair of shoes designed by one of six lucky students at the University. Her Majesty and the Duchess also viewed a fashion show while at De Montfort.

Next up for the Royals, The Queen and Prince Philip will continue the Diamond Jubilee Tour from March through July, which will take them all over the United Kingdom. In exciting news, the Duchess of Cambridge will give her first public speech on March 19 at the opening of The Treehouse, a hospice affiliated with her East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) charity.

More photos of the visit are here (darn you, Daily Mail, and your amazing pictorial collection). I think The Queen looks fabulous in that pink color (it seems that pink and blue are two of her favorites) and I just adore the Duchess’s outfit, which is by LK Bennett and has, of course, already sold out. Shall we have a parting shot?

Courtesy Daily Mail

Happy Diamond Jubilee Tour kickoff, everyone!

Edit: I found the below photo at People.com and ohmygoodness it is the loveliest image I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

Courtesy People.com

Of course, the article was about how “The Queen and Kate Middleton are now totally BFFs,” which is not only marginally offensive but also absurd; however, I’ll let it pass, if only to see this wonderful photo of them clearly enjoying each other’s company.


2 responses to “Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee UK Tour, Day One: An OMG Moment

  1. I want Kate’s hat!!! That is all.

    • Isn’t it great?? I like it, although some reviews are divided. It’s James Lock, whom she’s worn before (I also thought this was a repeat hat from January of 2011, but it appears I was wrong). I just wish I could work the whole outfit!

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